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What We Need To Know

PAGE 1 - your personal information.  Who you are and how we can get in touch with you.

PAGE 2 - Some options regarding your membership.

PAGE 3 - emergency contact. We don't expect anything to go wrong. But, if it does, we need to know who we should contact.

PAGE 4 - Your health and Medical History. Alerting us to any conditions helps us understand how best to work with you. Only the club officers and coaches - and, if requested, scottishathletics staff will have access to your details.

Before starting the sign-up process, please take a moment to review our grades of membership so that you're sure you are choosing the correct option.

We will have online payment of membership fees soon, but in the meantime, please check the ways you can pay your membership fee so that you can arrange the method of payment that's best for you.

Right then - let's get started!

Sorry, but our registration system isn't really suitable for use on small devices.

Please try using a device with a larger screen such as a tablet or laptop. The system will then be very easy to use.