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We’re very happy to answer any question you might have about Falkland Trail Runners. However, we have found that most of the questions are along the lines of "I’m interested in coming to try your club - is that OK", or "When and where do you meet"?

Yes, anyone can come to our sessions. You don’t have to be a member, so come along, give us a try and see if you like us. If you do, then we’d be delighted to wlecome you as a member. If we’re not quite your style, there’s no harm done.

The days and time of our sessions are all on our Club Sessions page. We meet for our two sessions almost every week, but there are some times that the Community Hall is being used for a major event, or none of our leaders are going to be available. In that case, there is still most likely an informal session, with a few members meeting in the village car park. If you’re unsure, check our News page for an announcement.

Need to know how to pay your membership fees? You can find that on our How to Pay page.

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