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Trail Sunday


Sunday is the weekly club trail run. The day when you put your training into practice. When you run just a tiny bit longer, or steeper, or higher than you find comfortable. The day for the long slow run that improves your cardiovascular system and makes running easier.

The warmup

We meet at Falkland Community Hall for 9:30 each Sunday morning and get things going with a dynamic warmup. But wait - isn't that for beginners? And isn't it a waste of time? Absolutely not. Most running injuries - and a lot of cases of tiredness - are caused by putting excessive loads on our joints and muscles. And those loads come by NOT warming up. The dynamic warmup gets us ready for a proper run - getting the joints moving, preparing muscles, tendons and ligaments for action, and extending the "range of motion" of our limbs. It should be an indispensible part of every run!

The run

We’re preparing a library of runs that will give us a structured programme covering 8-10 weeks. We’ll work through them and, when we get to the end, we’ll start again. This way, members who are starting out with Trail Sunday can have a training programme that they can cope with ... and the more experienced runners can build on previous "cycles", gaining an ever-increasing level of ability.

Runs will have a ‘core distance’ of about 8-10km. Because Falkland is on the side of a hill, there will always be a certain about of climbing. But we have a rich mixture of flat and hilly routes. Sometimes the focus will be on working hard on hills - which is rewarded with spectacular views across the Howe of Fife or maybe looking to distant Edinburgh. Other weeks might concentrate on building distance, with a minimal amount of climbing.

Every time you go for a training run, you should be able to answer one simple question: what am I aiming to achieve? For each run, we’ll set coaching and training objectives. This will let you see what we’ll be working on and you can see how that fits into your own training programme.

Training Objectives

Each week’s run has a defined training objective. That might be to improve overall ability, get better at an aspect of, for example, ascending hills or building endurance. Sometimes there will be multiple or mixed objectives. The objective will be influenced by the distance and nature of the route, the amount of elevation, etc.

Whatever the objective for a particular run, the pre-run dynamic warmup will be specific to the activity, preparing the body for what is to come and helping members to get the most from the session.

What if you just want a run without any specific training needs?

That fits Trail Sunday perfectly. You see, training for distance running is mostly about the "Long, Slow Run". That means running at an easy pace, at which you should be able to hold a conversation. Make no mistake - all those people who say you need to work hard all the time are making a basic mistake; all the evidence shows that the long, slow run is what sets you up not to just run further, but to run faster too! So, while those who are on a mission to improve will get great benefits from Trail Sunday, the easy pace means that those looking for just a bit of recreational running can also enjoy a bit of time in nature.

What if you want a shorter run?

Maybe you're just building up your mileage, or recovering from an injury, or for whatever reason you don't want to do the full route. Surely Trail Sunday isn’t for you? We thought of that too. Our routes are designed in a way that there will always be a shorter option. You can decide for yourself before the start, or you can work out how you're feeling during the run. When we get to the point where the shorter option branches off, you can decide whether to stay with the main group or to go with those taking the shorter option. Nobody will think any less of you. Trail running can be hard, and you need to work your way into it. We’re just glad that you want to come out on a Sunday morning and run with us.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed on most Trail Sunday runs. However, some routes may not be suitable, and there might be restrictions at certain times of the year. In addition, there are all sorts of reasons why the planned route, and the acceptability of dogs, may need to be changed at short notice and without prior notification. In such circumstances, you are asked to be understanding.

You can find a document that outlines our arrangements on running with dogs HERE.

Whether you've recently taken up running or are already an accomplished runner, you'll find a welcoming challenge here at Trail Sunday. We meet on Sundays at 9.30am. Most weeks, we are at Falkland Community Hall. If it’s an "away day" weekend, you can find the meeting point in the information for that week.