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Subject: NEW RUNNING STORE - MORTON RUNNING COMPANY - KIRKCALDY Hi there, If you don’t know me, although I enjoyed 100m and 200m at high school, I only really started running in 2012 at the age of 33. I increased the miles (on my own) and ran a few races and in the summer of 2014 I joined Carnegie Harriers in Dunfermline. They were a good fit for me as although I lived (and still do) in Kirkcaldy, I worked just across the road from the training hub at Pitreavie. I’d never been in a sports team or club before and I absolutely loved everything about it! The camaraderie, team spirit and encouragement at training and races, the introduction to so many new races and types of running and probably most important to me was the host of new friends and acquaintances that I made. 😊 It was this socialisation and interaction with so many different people from different towns, clubs and even different countries at different races and events that really opened my eyes to how social and positive running is and should be. I am one of the advocates for doctors prescribing parkrun instead of medicine, type of thing! 😝 lol Since then I have ran around 50 5k’s, various XC events, >15 10k’s, >10 half marathons, 2 marathons, an ultra-marathon, I’ve ran races abroad in Florida, California and most recently Gran Canaria and I would also like to add the hardest race I’ve ever done – the Pentland Skyline :-/ , so… although not an absolute expert, I have experienced my fair share of running events and experiences. 😊 I worked in engineering for about 20 years and although competent and content it never really satisfied me… the more I got involved with running, the more I knew I wanted to work and live in this area. I watched a video on YouTube about a guy opening his own store and it really struck me. And then whilst on holiday in California and visiting the independent stores there, I really got to thinking – “Could I do this myself?”. Turns out I can but whether it is successful or not remains to be seen… So my vision… I really want a relaxed, calm, informal environment where runners of all ages and abilities can come and chill out. The store must make sales of course in order to survive and the main focus will be on footwear. I basically approached every brand I could think of and obviously received mixed responses. The brands that were most supportive and collaborative throughout the initial process have become my suppliers and in order of acceptance they were Brooks, Newton, Hoka, La Sportiva, Norman Walsh, Columbia Montrail, Dynafit, Salewa, Mammut, Mizuno and Inov-8. I shall have between 1 and 4 offerings from all of these 11 brands and then I will tweak them going forward based on sales trends. I shall have the shoes arranged on the main shoe wall in 4 sections – Speed, Road, Road2Trail and Ultra Trail and have both the Men’s and Women’s together. I have an even playing field with a female model for every male (apart from the unisex models). We can adjust this as we progress. As you can see I do not have some of the major brands you will associate with running and there will be a reason for this. The afore mentioned brands have chosen to support me and in return I shall support them and try to introduce them to the wide and varied running community within the central belt. I shall be stocking some clothing and accessories and this will no doubt grow in time and I will look to engage with my customers to see what it is they are looking for that they can’t find. One of the other main aspects I want to have in the store is INFORMATION. I want a customer who has never ran before to be able to come to the store and as our tagline says “get prepared” to go running. First and foremost is the equipment – footwear and apparel… then you need a bit of inspiration… then maybe a target or aim… and then information on support with how to achieve your aims. I should maybe highlight at this point that I have left Carnegie Harriers and currently run independently for the store. I was sad to leave them but felt it was the right thing to do going forward – that I should really be unaffiliated and not associated with one club in particular and preferably just be known for running in and around Fife (and beyond) for the store. 😊 As per my rough diagram below, I see Morton Running Company (MRC) as being right in the middle of bringing the runner, the group or club and the brands together. I want to be a facilitator and utilize the skills I have developed during my engineering career (Tender/Project Management towards the end) and really maximise and enhance running in and around Fife. I want to bridge the gaps or at least bring the sides closer together between maybe new runners and prospective groups or clubs… I want to educate the runners on the brands and shoe designs that they have on offer… I want to give the groups/clubs an outlet into the community to showcase their organisation and what they have to offer… I want to give the groups/clubs a connection with brands with regard to products and sponsorship… I want to give the brands access to a whole new marketing demographic and region… (one of the reasons a brand will have said yes is that they do not have an outlet in this area). I want to give the brands a connection with all the running groups and clubs in my area so that they can engage, develop and grow…