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Falkland Trail Runners has a single grade of membership - Full Member. A second grade, Honorary membership, can be conferred upon a member in recognition of outstanding service or an outstanding contribution to the Club.

All members are entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings.

To participate fully in the processes of a General Meeting, you must become a member not later than 28 days prior to the meeting. Members joining less than 28 days, but not less than 7 days, prior to the meeting, will be entitled to vote at the meeting.

WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR MEMBERSHIP FEES? Show Additional Information Hide Additional Information

As a club, we don't want to take money from anyone just for the sake of it. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our membership fees are set at a level that covers members’ affiliation fees plus a small amount that goes to club development.

The main reason for having a membership fee is that, as a formally constituted club, we need to be robust in our recording of members. Almost all clubs have a membership fee. That doesn't in itself mean that we have to do likewise. But if our membership was free, we might well find members of other clubs moving to Falkland Trail Runners just for that reason - they might never actually run with the club.

Affiliation to scottishathletics means that we have to pay them a membership levy (affiliation fee). This can take up £7 of the £12 membership fee. Administration of the membership system costs about £1 per member, leaving about £4 that can be put into developing the club. We think that's about right.

WHAT ABOUT THE £1 A SESSION THAT WE CONTRIBUTE? Show Additional Information Hide Additional Information

Falkland Trail Runners is probably unusual in asking for a contribution of £1 per session. However, we don't take the £1 and run off to the pub with it. We're also unusual in that we provide a base for all of our meetings. So the £1 is to cover the cost of renting the Community Hall, the teas, coffees and other refreshments, and all the other costs that come with providing a base for our meetings. What's left goes into developing the club by, for example, paying the cost of training leaders and coaches.

The cost of hiring the hall and providing refreshments is around £2,500 a year and the membership fee really wouldn't make a dent in that. So the £1 per session donation is important to the club. We think it's great value - and we hope you do too.


The membership grades are:

  1. Full Member

    Full Membership costs £12. This is the main category that most members will belong in.

    Full Members can buy club merchandise, and they receive a substantial discount on the first item they buy. They can also get significant discounts from selected retailers.

    Full Members are entitled to take part in training, etc, enter events as an FTR member, and represent the club in competitions. They are eligible for the annual Grand Prix - our club championship.

    "Competing members" (full Members who are also individual members of scottishathletics) will normally select Falkland Trail Runners as their "First Claim" club. Full Members who are concurrently members of another club affiliated to scottishathletics may select Falkland Trail Runners as their "First Claim" or "Second Claim" club.

    Full Members are entitled to fully participate in the club's General Meetings and are eligible for election to the Management Committee.

  2. Honorary Member

    This category of membership is awarded by the club to individuals in recognition of outstanding service, or an outstanding contribution, to the Club. It can only be awarded as the result of a decision by the club at an Annual General Meeting.