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The TuftyTrail Race


Enjoy some of the best trails in Fife, in the historic hunting estate of Scotland’s royals.

The 2018 Tufty Trail Race is keeping the same route and all the fun features that make it so popular. A no-frills event with the focus on fun.

This unmissable event takes place on Sunday 23rd September, starting at 2.00pm.

We are using the tried, tested and very popular route from previous years. It’s a fast route with NO SIGNIFICANT HILLS, suitable for all grades of runner and with a generous cut-off time of 2 hours - most people could easily walk the route within that time!

There are approx. 8km / 5 miles of mixed terrain – predominantly forest trails - within the beautiful surroundings of Falkland Estate. We will of course include all of the usual 'attractions' associated with Pyscho Squirrel races. There’s a distinct chance that you will get your feet wet!

Entries close on Friday 7th September,and there are 150 places up for grabs.

Diagram showing the split at the end of each lap

EARLY START: An early start - 13:40 - is available on request.

LAPS: The route is made up of two laps, each of approx. 4km. The end of lap is right outside the start/finish area. We have designed the "split" to be as straightforward as possible. As you approach the split, the track will divide into two lanes.

At the end of lap 1, KEEP LEFT AND CONTINUE ON TO LAP 2. At the end of lap 2, KEEP RIGHT AND TURN INTO THE FINISH. There will be plenty arrows, etc. to show you which way to go, and marshals to point the way. The split will be described in the Competitors Briefing. The diagram above shows you what to expect. We recommend that you take a few minutes before the start to take a look at the split and familiarise yourself with it.

Here’s what it’ll be like:

photo of a typical section of the route
  1. Approx. 8km / 5 miles in two laps,
  2. A gentle, undulating route with no significant hills,
  3. Suitable for novice runners as well as the more experienced,
  4. Medals for all finishers,
  6. A special award for the best time from a runner competing in their first event,
  9. splishy sploshy bits,
  10. Entries from just £9 - and we will pay the payment card surcharges.



Event The Tufty Trail Race
Date 23 September 2018
Start Time 14:00
Entries Cut-off 14 September 2018
Max Entries 150

The minimum age for all Falkland Trail Runners events is 16 years old on the day of the race (if a race series, 16 years old on the day of the first race).


Members of Falkland Trail Runners £9
Members of other ARC-affiliated clubs £9
Individual Members of Scottish Athletics
(i.e. those with an SA number)
Members of a club affiliated to England Athletics, Wales Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland £9
All others £11

IMPORTANT. As a member of FTR, you can get the reduced rate entry even if you don't have a Scottish Athletics number. To get your discounted entry, make sure that, in the EntryCentral signup process, you have set Falkland Trail Runners as your "Running Club". Also, set "I’m a member of" to "ARC Affiliated Club".

Members of other clubs can get their discount if they are an individual member of Scottish Athletics, UK Athletics, etc. If you select "None of these", you will NOT get your discount.

screenshot showing the drop down list of affiliations

Payment Surchages

The Payment Services Regulations 2017 came into effect on 13 January 2018. There are no surcharges on the entry fees for this event.

Standards of Organisation

UK Athletics has delegated the management of Trail Running to the Trail Running Association. Our method of marking race routes complies fully with TRA guidelines. See How we Mark Our Routes.

Our event management plan, risk analysis, and other documents can be downloaded, as soon as they become available, using the links below the event logo.

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You agree that we may share your image and personal details in news reports, publicity information, on our club web site and on social media sites.

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