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Falkland Trail Runners Grand Prix


Most clubs run a "Grand Prix" series each year. It’s a championship made up of hallmark events throughout the year. It gives members the chance to compete on a variety of events - types, surfaces, distances - and shows all round ability.

To provide consistency, only the series coordinator will provide interpretations of the rules, scoring and other matters. The series coordinator’s decision will be final.

The series coordinator for 2018 is Bill Gillan. Email him at


  1. The Grand Prix will only be open to full members of Falkland Trail Runners who have paid their membership fee for 2018‑19 not later than 31st May 2018. Members will automatically be registered but they can opt out of participation by informing the Grand Prix coordinator.
  2. Points will only be awarded for events where your name matches your registration with Falkland Trail Runners.
  3. Points will only be awarded for events where you declare your club as "Falkland Trail Runners".
  4. You do not have to wear your official club vest/top while competing in any of the counting events but it would be nice if you do.
  5. You can compete in as many counting events as you wish but you must complete a minimum of 8 events in order to be considered for an award.
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  • Runners will get ‘position’ points based on their result:
    1. 1st Male runner gets 50 points, 2nd 49, 3rd 48, etc.
    2. 1st Female runner gets 50 points, 2nd 49, 3rd 48, etc.
  • Position points from a maximum of 8 events will count. If a runner gets position points for more than 8 events, their best 8 will count.
  • In addition, each runner will get 5 ‘attendance’ points for each race they attended. There will be no cap on the number of events for which attendance points are given - i.e. a runner attending all 16 events will get 80 attendance points.
  • The total points for each runner will be their position points plus their attendance points.
  • 5 year age groups will be recognised.
  • Runners can only win one prize. If one of the overall awards is won by an age grouper, then the 2nd placed runner in that age group will receive the age group award.
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For 2018 There Are 16 Events

Here’s the list of eligible events. At the time of publication, exact dates for the events were not available, but they are listed by the month in which events take place. This means that events might not take place in the order in which they are listed.

Most events are "Entry on the Day" so turn up and run. Others are pre-entry, so you need to look out for the entry system for those events going live.

  • Devilla Forest 15K Trail Race - February (Pre-entry)
  • Gartmorn Trail Race - March (Pre-entry & Limited EOD)
  • Kinross PTA 10K - April (EOD)
  • Normans Law Hill Race - April (EOD)
  • Kinnoull Hill Race - May (EOD)
  • Loch Leven Half Marathon - May (Pre-entry)
  • Templeton Trail Race - June (EOD)
  • Sandy Slither Race - June (EOD)
  • Donkey Brae Run - July (Pre-entry & Limited EOD)
  • Gateside Gallop - August (Pre-Entry & EOD)
  • parkrun St Andrews - 1st September (n/a)
  • parkrun Dundee - 29th September (n/a)
  • Aviemore Half Marathon - October (Pre-entry)
  • Path of Condie Half Marathon - October (Pre-Entry & EOD)
  • Silvery Tay Trail Race - November (Pre-entry)
  • Largo Law Hill Race - November (postponed from July) (Pre-Entry & EOD)
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