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Disabled Athletes.

Why Are We Doing This?

An athletics club or race organiser cannot wait until a disabled athlete makes a request to join the club or enter a race before taking action. They should instead identify what reasonable adjustments may need to take place to enable disabled people to participate and set out a reasonable timescale for the implementation of those adjustments.

The sport’s governing bodies subscribe to the principle of inclusiveness. As a forward-looking club, Falkland Trail Runners accepts its responsibility in working towards widening participation in trail running by implementing their recommendations on facilitating the needs of disabled athletes.

We undertake to take all reasonable measures, within the limits of the resources available to us, to ensure that our events are organised with equal access in mind. We acknowledge that equality of participation will become a reality only when disabled athletes see that their requirements are being addressed. We therefore accept that it is up to clubs like ours to provide events that pre-empt the need for adjustments by being as accessible as possible from the outset.

In particular, we will not knowingly impose any artificial constraints.

What we do and how we do it.

Falkland Trail Runners welcomes entries from disabled athletes. It accepts its responsibility to ensure that it has taken all reasonable steps to consider and implement any reasonable adjustments that could be made, whether to physical features of the premises/race route or to the running of the race more generally.

If you have concerns or have known requirements, please contact the race director in advance to discuss your needs and requirements to facilitate inclusion.

If you would like to review the course to assess its suitability for your participation and should discuss with athletes/coaches what reasonable adjustments might be appropriate.

The club is prepared to make any reasonable adjustments that are required to make the event accessible, but that will not change the nature of the whole event. Where the cost of these adjustments is affordable relative to the resources of the club, the cost will be met by the club. If the cost exceeds the resources of the club, the club will endeavour to secure alternative funding, subject to there being enough time to seek such funding. It may be the case, however, that the cost of adjustments exceeds an amount that we can support. If we decide not to provide an adjustment on the basis of cost, that decision will be made on the basis of fact that can be substantiated.

If the organisers consider it is necessary to exclude a disabled athlete from participating in the event, this decision will be made on the basis of fact, not assumptions, and be supported by evidence such as a valid risk assessment or previous incidents, experience, etc. In this case, the person conducting the assessment will show that they have sufficient knowledge or experience in the area of disability or has consulted with, or has been advised by, someone with the necessary knowledge.

To contact the race director, email events@falklandtrailrunners.org.uk

What you can expect at our events.

Unless stated otherwise in event documentation, the following apply to all of our events:

  1. Disabled parking spaces are available at Race HQ.*
  2. Race HQ is accessible by wheelchair.*
  3. Disabled toilet facilities are available (with no specific access requirements, e.g. a key) at Race HQ.*
  4. A separate Competitor Briefing for disabled athletes will be made prior to the main briefing. Athletes are encouraged to inform the club of the nature of their disability and any facilities, assistance or adjustment they require for the Briefing.
  5. Printed copies of race information will be available at an Information Point that will be located at Race HQ. Final updates, where required, will be available in printed form at the Competitor Briefing.
  6. The club wishes to minimise the chance of a disabled runner being jostled by faster athletes coming from behind. Where requested, the club will:
    1. endeavour to provide guidance as to an appropriate start position based on estimated finishing times,
    2. arrange for all athletes to be guided to an appropriate start position based on estimated finishing times.
  7. Where the club agrees to accept entries from athletes who require a guide runner, the guide:
    1. must be provided by the athlete,
    2. will not have to pay a race entry fee,
    3. will not be considered to be participating in the race in their own right,
    4. should be identified in advance to the race director,
    5. should wear some visible or warning clothing to identify them to other runners.
  8. The club will endeavour to ensure that the course is wide enough. Because of the nature of our events, it might not be possible to guarantee that it will be wide enough for the entire route.
  9. Where the club agrees to accept entries from athletes who use a wheelchair, the club will:
    1. not be responsible for inspecting the condition of wheelchairs. Athletes who use a wheelchair are responsible for ensuring that the wheelchair is fit for purpose to participate in the event,
    2. provide alternative routes around speed bumps on roads,
    3. avoid very steep climbs or descents (20% +) if possible, or provide an alternative route if possible. However, trail races will include this type of terrain as an integral element of the event and we are unable to make adjustments that will change the nature of the whole event.
  10. Where the club agrees to accept entries from disabled athletes who find crossing the road difficult or dangerous (e.g. athletes who are deaf or hard of hearing, wheelchair users) competent marshals will be positioned appropriately. To warn road users, signposting will be erected on the approaches to the crossing.
* When Race HQ will be at Falkland Community Hall.

To contact the race director, email events@falklandtrailrunners.org.uk

If you require information about any of our events formatted to assist with accessibility, email events@falklandtrailrunners.org.uk stating your requirements. We’ll do our best to help.